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Many singers have great voices for a particular style of music but few can match Gordon's ability to be a truly great singer over a wide range of music. Equally comfortable singing mellow jazz to screaming heavy rock, Gordon is one of the north east’s  great voices.

Gordon (stix) is one of the most respected drummers in the north east. He is also one of the hardest working drummers who is totally comfortable with any style of music.  A true great of the north east music scene.

Martin is our guitarist and perfectly compliments the Bands style and is a great all round guitar player but leans more towards the more modern rock styles and tones. He is also at home taking the lead vocal role as well as supplying great harmonies that compliment Gordon's voice.

John is an experienced bass player with a taste for expensive bass guitars. He has a wide taste in music which makes him a perfect choice for Scratch's wide ranging set.